Pad Building
Timber Falling
Winter Pad Building

Many geotechnical drilling and exploration drilling projects in British Columbia and Alberta are located in remote areas without road access or CAT trails to reach the project sites. In these instances, track or truck mounted drill rigs are not feasible, and heliportable drills need to be used. P&R Exploration Services specializes in constructing the helicopter and drill pads for these kinds of projects.

Pneumatic Drilling

Pneumatic drilling encompasses any drill that is run by compressed air and P&R possesses a jack leg style pneumatic drill that can be used to drill 1" to 3" diameter holes into bedrock to a maximum depth of eight feet. P&R has completed pneumatic drilling on projects to construct rock slide fences, while other applications include constructing hand railing supports or hazard elimination barriers on extreme terrain. 

Our Services

Many heliportable drill programs are located in forested areas, and pad construction sites often require preparation in the form of timber falling or bucking and brushing. P&R employs BC Certified Timber Fallers to provide timber falling services for pad site preparation.


P&R provides truckng services for hauling project supplies including lumber, drilling equipment and supplies, core boxes, building materials and more.