Committed to Health & Safety

P&R Exploration is committed to ensuring that workers have the knowledge, tools and experience to work safely for the tasks they've been assigned. To facilitate this, P&R has established a robust safety management system including policies and procedures, a new/young worker training and mentorship program, and annual/bi-annual refresher courses for all employees. 


We strive for an incident free workplace by establishing and reiterating safe work practices and by fostering a safety culture that promotes an attitude towards safety in all aspects of our employees’ lives. We believe that safety is paramount, and that every employee has the right to return home safe and injury free. To foster a culture of safety awareness, we employ a strategy of communication and mentorship, where safe work practices, safety standards and safety objectives are communicated at the beginning of each work day, and demonstrated and reiterated frequently.

P&R has achieved BCCSA COR Certification and ISNetworld compliance for our safety program, HSE Manual, policies and procedures, and hazard assessment processes.