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About P&R Exploration Services 

P&R Exploration Services Ltd specializes in providing helipad and drill pad building services for a wide range of clients executing heliportable drilling programs,  including those in the oil and gas, mining, and mineral exploration industries. We provice pad site preparation to ensure stability  at pad sites, including rebar anchored rock slide fences, hand rails, and hazard elimination barriers. P&R crews are also trailed and efficient in line cutting.

Company Profile


P&R Exploration Services Ltd, established in 2013 and based out of Smithers, BC, is a drill pad and helipad construction company that specializes in rugged, extreme, and diverse terrain. P&R is a business that believes focusing on quality over quantity is the key to safety, efficiency, and all-around success. Our experienced employees continuously construct high quality pads on challenging terrain including; slopes of 45˚ and greater, swamps, weathered cliff edges, glaciers and other diverse and unique environments. By providing rigid training of our safe operating procedures, we set a clear safety standard and maintain our high-performance standard with new employees through extensive mentorship. We are committed to leaving a lasting impression on our clients as an organized, efficient, and safety conscious contractor. 

Our Mission

"With a foundation of experienced, highly trained and hard-working employees, P&R Exploration Services provides industry leading pad building services on unique, diverse and extreme terrain with an exemplary level of efficiency, organization and safety awareness.” ​

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